Multifunctional on-board flight control system

Multifunctional on-board flight control system (MFCS) is designed to control an unmanned helicopter-type aircraft (it is possible to implement the control of an aircraft-type UAV by updating the software).
MFCS applications
Implements a full cycle of flight work with the aircraft without the need for the participation of a person with the skill of manual piloting..
Algorithmic support of periodic forms of maintenance
Automatic pre-flight preparation
Does not include inspection work and work with technical fluids-performed by a helicopter technician.
Flight work
Warm-up, take-off, en-route flight, landing, automatic preparation for re-use
MFCS combines subsystems
  • Piloting subsystem
    Generates control actions on the controls – on the drives of the automatic skew and tail rotor or differential pitch based on the current flight task. Performs automatic diagnostics of the serviceability of on-board systems.
  • Power supply subsystem
    Distributes the power supply between the generator, the battery and the consumers, protects against short circuits in the consumer circuits, and monitors the operation of protections.
  • Internal combustion engine control subsystem
    Controls the throttle valve of the internal combustion engine in order to maintain the set speed of the internal combustion engine and / or the main rotor in all operating modes. Measures the performance indicators of the internal combustion engine.
  • Payload management and data logging subsystem
    Implemented using a dedicated calculator (included in the MFCS). Registers the telemetry information generated in the MFCS and in the target load, as well as manages the target load automatically based on the flight task or manually at the commands of the target load operator.