On-board radar station

The radar station with an active phased array antenna (APAA, Code Portrait) is designed for installation on various types of aircraft (including manned and unmanned helicopters) in order to provide an overview of the Earth's surface and search for objects of interest. It can be used in the temperature range from -45 °C to +55 °C.
The station operates in three modes
Radar Aperture Synthesis
Moving Targets Detection
Atmospheric Formations Detection
APAA used in the station allows to:
  • Use electronic scanning
    This reduces the time required to review the space
  • Narrow the beam
    It is used to increase the accuracy of determining the angular coordinates of goals
  • Use transmitting module with low weight and size characteristics
    This gives a gain in the mass and dimensions of the radar, and also allows to design multi-element arrays with a high energy potential
  • Manage the gain of individual transmitting module
    Together with the high phase stability, this makes it possible to build highly reliable systems, since the failure of any element will slightly worsen the operation of the entire system
  • Work in a wider frequency band and scan sector