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Aviation Auxiliary Systems has started developing a new advanced heli-type UAV in the SmartHELI line

Aviation Auxiliary Systems has started developing a new advanced heli-type UAV in the SmartHELI line

Aviation Auxiliary Systems Company (AVS) has started developing a new advanced unmanned helicopter-type aerial vehicle. The project is a further development of the existing civil Heli-type UAV line and will be able to carry up to 150 kg of payload. The maximum take-off weight of the new vehicle will be 965 kg, the flight range is 120 km, and the maximum time that the vehicle is able to spend in the air without additional fuel tanks is 3.5 hours.

The increase in the maximum payload mass makes it possible to expand the capabilities of the UAV in terms of solving transport tasks, as well as activities in the field of monitoring objects and territories, which is achieved by installing several optoelectronic systems of different types. In addition, the new vehicle is being developed taking into account the needs of customers in installing their own sets of payloads.

To date, according to the project of the advanced UAV, work is underway on the manufacture of fuselage structural elements. According to the plan, the final assembly of the device and the launch of flight tests are expected in May 2021.

The UAS line with UAV, developed by AVS, includes two products that are being promoted to the market under the single SmartHELI brand: SmartHELI-350 and SmartHELI-400. Heli-type UAV is a part of these systems with a maximum take-off weight of up to 350 kg and 400 kg of payload, respectively. Gyro-stabilized optoelectronic systems, radar stations, a SmartHELI cargo container, as well as individual equipment that meets the tasks of customers can be used as a payload.


The main task of the Aviation Auxiliary Systems is the integration of various onboard complexes and payloads based on artificial intelligence into unmanned systems of sea and land-based. All products are promoted under the single SmartHELI brand. The established cooperation with a wide pool of partners from design bureaus to production sites, as well as close cooperation with leading scientific institutes allows the company to offer customers comprehensive solutions for the implementation of intelligent technologies in modern transport systems.